“Prelude” Second Time Around

Oops!  My most valued editorial critic pointed out to me yesterday that I had already posted the poem “Prelude” sometime within the last year.  So now I know one more thing about writing a blog.  Be sure to check past posts to avoid repetition.  I really am challenged technologically, so the fact that I even managed to create a blog is a major accomplishment.  But obviously I still have a lot to learn.

I wrote the poem “Prelude” a few years ago for my niece.  I bought her a snow globe with an angel inside as a Christmas present, and I decided to write a poem to go with it.  For years I wrote a poem accompanied by a gift with the same theme for the teachers I worked with.   One year it was an angel poem with an angel ornament.  Another year it was a poem about a lighthouse accompanied by a  lighthouse ornament.  The gifts were not always ornaments, but they were always connected to the theme of tthe poem.  I even searched for wrapping paper in the same theme.  Well, I was younger then and maybe more inspired to work hard on gifts.  I may reprint some of those poems for my blog, but it would be nice if some new Christmas poems came to me.

No matter what I do this year, I will check previous posts to avoid repeating one.  This will continue to be a learning experience for me!