November Leaves

November Leavesyellow-autumn-leaves-11495026

A movement seen out of the corner of my eye
through the window that overlooks the back woods–
a deer perhaps, or a bird in flight,
then more and more motion–
leaves in their mesmerizing dance toward the earth,
borne on the wind,
leaving their security,
their normalness before the brilliance,
now a glide up in the breeze, then down,
a graceful fall toward a soft landing
into the midst of others gone before,
they now the final ones, like life itself.

The ballet continues as I finally move away
and into my frenzied day,
leaving behind November leaves still dancing in the wind,
the dance now an imprinted image
that will soon become more than a memory,
evolving into words and meaning,
until a poem is born.

Barbara Flass

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