Clydesdale Memory


Clydesdale Memory

My sister’s favorite Superbowl ad was always the Budweiser ad featuring the Clydesdales.  The ad during yesterday’s Superbowl was an emotional one as always.  The connection between humans and animals is like that.

We bond with them easily (who could resist the cuteness of the puppies in the Puppy Bowl?), and they never cease to amaze us with their intelligence.  The Clydesdales often come to Saratoga Springs during the racing season, and my sister, who passed away in 2005 of metastatic breast cancer, never missed a chance to see them.  The year after her death, the Clydesdales paraded down Broadway in Saratoga Springs in all their beauty and majesty, and my sister was not there to see them.

My favorite ad yesterday was the Budweiser ad showing the love and attachment between a trainer and a Clydesdale from birth on.  Their parting was hard to watch, but the moment of their connection after their nearly missed reunion brought tears to my eyes.  I would think there aren’t many people who watched that ad who were not touched by it.

It’s funny how moments occur in our lives that are filled with so many emotions, we can’t separate them.  More than anything, I wanted to pick up the telephone and call my sister to cry together over the Budweiser ad.  The ad for us doesn’t sell beer; it sells love and the overwhelming attachment we form with animals.  I wonder if my sister could see the ad from wherever she is.  Can she still connect to things she loved while alive?  I don’t know.  What I know is I will never see an ad featuring Clydesdales or view the Clydesdales at the Saratoga Race Track without thinking of my sister and wishing she were by my side.  Memories are triggered at unexpected moments.  For me the memory of my sister’s love for Clydesdales occurred at the moment I first saw the young Clydesdale in the stable in yesterday’s ad and has lingered in the hours following that emotional reunion of the horse and trainer.  I am so grateful to my sister for giving me those moments when I feel close to her again no matter how far away from me she may be.

Paul Keleher


One thought on “Clydesdale Memory

  1. I enjoyed that ad, too, and your post about it.

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