Escape Artist

“Observe everything.  Communicate well.  Draw, draw, draw.”
Frank Thomas, Disney animator

Escape Artist

White flurry blows in the gusty winter wind
creating a snow sculpture unique to nature
while a warm peace floats inside where other artists are at work.

Thin black brushstrokes, startling against white canvas,
become images created from memories dwelling within.
Color added to canvas becomes
a red-striped lighthouse on a a rocky cliff,
powerful, rhythmic ocean waves striking soft sand,
a weathered covered-bridge in the Vermont countryside.
Places once seen now reborn on canvas.

Penstrokes,  like brushstokes, emerge on white paper
becoming letters, becoming words,
a lyric poem evoking emotions long buried,
a suspenseful story reaching into the night,
a book with characters interwoven in a tapestry of intrigue.
Experiences now reborn on paper.

Lines escape.
Words escape.
No winter bars can keep them in
as life becomes art and art becomes life.

© Barbara Flass 2012

Photo:  Jason Lemay


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