“Prelude” Second Time Around

Oops!  My most valued editorial critic pointed out to me yesterday that I had already posted the poem “Prelude” sometime within the last year.  So now I know one more thing about writing a blog.  Be sure to check past posts to avoid repetition.  I really am challenged technologically, so the fact that I even managed to create a blog is a major accomplishment.  But obviously I still have a lot to learn.

I wrote the poem “Prelude” a few years ago for my niece.  I bought her a snow globe with an angel inside as a Christmas present, and I decided to write a poem to go with it.  For years I wrote a poem accompanied by a gift with the same theme for the teachers I worked with.   One year it was an angel poem with an angel ornament.  Another year it was a poem about a lighthouse accompanied by a  lighthouse ornament.  The gifts were not always ornaments, but they were always connected to the theme of tthe poem.  I even searched for wrapping paper in the same theme.  Well, I was younger then and maybe more inspired to work hard on gifts.  I may reprint some of those poems for my blog, but it would be nice if some new Christmas poems came to me.

No matter what I do this year, I will check previous posts to avoid repeating one.  This will continue to be a learning experience for me!


3 thoughts on ““Prelude” Second Time Around

  1. Some deserve a second time around. 🙂 When I started my blog, I began two excel files – one for my poems and one for poems by other poets (since I post poems by poets of bygone days). I listed each poem I had written and continue to list each new one I write in the one file. And when I post one, I put the date beside it in that excel file. Today, I posted a couple of Christmas poems by James Whitcomb Riley and will list those in the other excel file. I knew it was going to be more complicated after a while and “the palest ink is stronger than the sharpest memory”. 🙂

    • barbaraflass says:

      Thanks for your comment and your help. You lost me at “excel file” but I will learn. I truly appreciate all your responses to my blog!

      • Computers with Microsoft Office (* think it is) have Word and Excel. The computer I’m using presently doesn’t. My home computer does. Excel is easy to use for simple things. You just open it up and it has columns to type in. For poems by other poets, I have one column for the poem title and one for the poet’s last name and that’s all there is to it. You save like you do other files. If you find it and decide to use it, let me know and I’ll say a couple more things – about making the columns wider, etc.

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