In the Silence of the Snowstorm

In the Silence of the Snowstorm

In the silence of the snowstorm,
White flurry obscuring my view,
My footsteps a lonely pattern
As my thoughts turn softly to you.

I listen for your laughter,
Long for your smile to light up the night,
Try to feel your presence beside me,
But you are nowhere in sight.

How could you not be here with me
On this cold, white winter day?
Why when I need you beside me,
Do you feel so far away?

If my faith were only stronger,
If hope had carried us through,
If you could have held on longer,
Would I now be here with you?

As I near the end of my walk today,
Snow falling furious and fast,
The cocoon of grief within me
Brings memories of the past.

Tomorrow when I walk this snowy path,
When the sun comes shining through
And sparkles the snow like fairy dust,
Maybe then I’ll walk with you.

© Barbara Flass 2011




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