Martina McBride’s new video, “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.”

This morning Good Morning America had a segment on Martina McBride’s new video “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” a song about helping support those we love through cancer.  I think today we put a lot of effort into trying to raise money for research, basically done through grass roots efforts, and that is important.  Recently, a promising new drug for melanoma was approved by the FDA, so there is hope that some day a new drug will stop women from dying of breast cancer.  Targeted gene therapy is crucial for that.  Still, while we are waiting for some dramatic breakthrough in  finding a cure for breast cancer or preventing breast cancer from occurring, we shouldn’t forget the power of love.

I loved the video and the GMA segment because it showed the strength of one”s friends and family in overcoming cancer, especially breast cancer.  We have all followed Robin Roberts in her fight as well as others such as Sheryl Crow, but every day women not as famous fight for survival with their loved ones by their side.  I wonder sometimes about women who do not have the support of a friend or family member, women who may go through it alone, and I can’t imagine how they can do it.  I know how important it is to have someone by your side all the way.   I was strengthened by the love of my family, especially my daughters, my mother,  and my sister who supported me while struggling to overcome her own battle, a battle she did not win.   The video seemed to focus on survivors, but we can’t forget those who do not survive.

We cannot forget, in the midst of the economic issues in our country, in spite of being in a war, in spite of the need to help starving children, that in our own country there are men and women struggling every day to survive cancer.  Watching Robin Roberts break down along with the entire team of reporters  around her reinforces the fact that one really doesn’t get over cancer.  Survival is one thing.  One’s personal survival without the survival of everyone else going through this disease is not enough.  I urge everyone to look for ways to help others.  I don’t mean just writing a check or joining a walk or participating in a fund raiser, all important options.  I mean doing something to ease the emotional pain of a cancer diagnosis.  For me, it was the bowl of daisies from my daughters waiting for me the day I left the hospital, the angels in all forms given to me as gifts, the phone calls and cards from someone just thinking about me, the hugs, the tears of support, all of those things.  I think if you watch Martina McBride’s video, you will feel compelled in even a small way to make a difference for someone dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  I know you will find a way.


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