Lighthouse Dreams

Lighthouse Dreams

He stands on alert,
his solidness and bulk
belying the grace of his light.

Guarding the rocky shore,
the waves crashing at his feet,
he is unmoved by the force without.

Savior of all who sail the surrounding seas
and savior of all who walk
beneath his eye.

Drawn to its serenity,
to its protectiveness and strength,
we let our dreams reside within.

Who better to guard them,
our hopes and our wishes?

And later, maybe years beyond,
he will lift them into the light,
beam them into the darkness,
scatter them into the sky.

We stand alone on rocky beaches
searching the sky,
seeking the stars for our lighthouse dreams,
feeling the guidance of the light
as we float into eternity
toward our greatest dream of all.

© Barbara Flass 1998


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