Walking With Poets

Walking With Poets

I have walked the “patterned garden-path”
With Amy Lowell by my side
And mourned the loss of her true love
Before she was his bride.

I too have passed a “a narrow fellow”
While walking a road alone
And felt like Emily Dickinson
That “zero at the bone.”

I have parted from a loved one
Like Lord Byron in past years
Who wrote about his leaving her
In both “silence” and in “tears.”

I have tried to mend a broken wall
Like Robert Frost in doubt
And wondered while I mended it
What I was walling in or out.

With William Wordsworth I have walked
Beside a lake so still
Have” wandered lonely as a cloud”
And “danced with daffodils.”

I live my days with poetry
Words rhyming as I write
Metaphors intrigue me
Long into lonely nights.

I live among the poets
Their wisdom guides my way
I learn of love and grief and joy
As I walk with them each day.

I have become just like them
Explosive lines uncaged
For I cannot stop the words within
From living on the page.

© Barbara Flass 2011

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