Poem for Graduates: DreamWishing


My father’s voice is telling me,
“Stop wishing on a star.
Keep your feet on solid ground
To find out who you are.”

My mother’s voice is gentlesoft,
Her words about the same,
“Life isn’t just a dream, you know,
Don’t look for wealth or fame.

Just get up every morning
And work till day is done.
You’ll see the stars of evening
And rise to morning sun.

And that is what your life will be.
You’ll do the best you can.
And life goes on and brings you
Satisfaction in the end.”

Their voices whirl inside me,
Spinning round and round.
“Life’s not a dream,” “stop wishing,”
“Keep your feet upon the ground.”

But I’m dancing on the moonbeams
And I’m floating on the stars.
I can’t wait for them to carry me
To places near and far.

I’m confused and I am fearful,
What future do I see?
And then I hear the voice of God
Whispering words to me.

“Follow me in wonder.
I’ll lead you from afar.
For your dreams are what I long for
As your wishes are the stars.”

A softness comes to fill my heart.
As peace replaces fear.
I know I now can handle life
Dreamwishing through the years.

© Barbara Flass 2000


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