Easter Egg Hunt

On a visit last Saturday to a local mall, I noticed that there were a lot more people there than usual.  In these tough economic times, the mall crowds have diminished, so I should have expected that some event must be taking place to draw such crowds.  As I drew near to the center atrium, I saw families and many, many children running all over the place.   The kids were all holding a motley assortment of Easter baskets.  So then I knew.  It was an Easter egg hunt!

A garden area had been set up to hide the eggs under bushes and flowers and small trees.  The kids were very excited.  I remember going with my grandchildren on Easter egg hunts when they lived in Atlanta and then Jacksonville.  The little girls were running around in their fancy dresses and bows in their hair and the little boys were wearing dress shirts and pants.  They loaded up their baskets with the pastel-colored plastic eggs, so proud of their discoveries.  The eggs were filled with candy and stickers and small toys.  Then we went to the Easter brunch buffet and enjoyed being together as a family.

This year we will not be with our grandchildren for Easter, but we will still be with family.  We are going to visit our oldest daughter in New Jersey, and we are going to participate in an Easter egg hunt for adults, something new for me.   The rubber stamp store my daughter goes to is having a special Easter egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter.  The owner is hiding small eggs throughout the store, and inside the eggs will be discount coupons for various products she sells.  Since my daughter and I are addicted to rubber stamping and since we both love to shop, especially for a bargain, we will be able to participate in the ancient custom of the Easter egg hunt.

The  traditions of the Easter bunny and egg hunt are pagan in origin.  The legend of the Easter bunny began in Germany where children made nests for the Easter rabbit to lay eggs in.  In the 1700s German immigrants brought the tradition of the Easter egg hunt to Pennsylvania.  Today Easter egg hunts occur in malls, outside on golf courses and other public places, in people’s back yards, and on the lawn of the White House.    Anyone of any age can have the chance to participate in the fun.

I hope everyone gets to hunt for a few Easter eggs somewhere this Easter.  You never know what you might find inside!

Resources:  http://www.ehow.com/about_5209394_history-easter-egg-hunting.html


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