I wrote this poem ten years ago, but the feelings behind it are still true today.  I suspect that in every marriage or relationship, there are moments like these.  Don’t we all sometimes long for closer connections to others in our lives?


I listen for the sound of you at the end of the day,
the car engine beating its rumble into the cool evening air,
the clatter of the garage door opening,
the slamming of the car door
and the soft opening and shutting of the door into the house.
Doors open and you are there.
The connection is not.
Those moments, those coming-together times,
sharing, touching,
We are two shadows moving in the darkness.
Pain swirls in the air,
seeps into the soul,
and comes to rest in the heart
where it is pumped through the veins and arteries,
entering every organ until the whole body is sick with it.
Yet I listen still for your footsteps,
fill up with hope and expectation,
feed on my own hunger,
and die inside from lack of love.

© Barbara Flass 2001

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