February Turkeys III

By now you might be tired of hearing about turkeys.  I am becoming obsessed with them.  Today we are getting a blizzard, creating a very difficult time for the turkeys.  They arrived in our backyard at their usual breakfast time, only to discover the snow had covered any remaining seed on the ground.  They huddled together, snow covering their feathers at a rapid rate.

I couldn’t stand to watch them.  I put on my boots and coat, grabbed a shovel and a bag of seed, and went out to the back yard, slogging through six inches of newly-fallen snow.  As soon as they saw me, they headed back into the woods.  I shoveled a path and scattered the black sunflower seeds on the ground in several places along the path.   Then I went back inside, hoping they would return.

After an hour, I checked the yard and there they were.  The problem was they were too far back in the woods.  They didn’t find the seed, although they seemed to be looking for it.  Then they headed back into the woods again.

I guess turkeys aren’t particularly intelligent, but I was truly disappointed that my efforts were for nothing.  The rapidly accumulating snow covered the seeds within the hour, and there was nothing more to do until the snow stopped.

Winters in upstate New York can be dreary and depressing.  This winter has been one of the worst ones in recent years.  Still I’ll take my entertainment wherever I can find it.  I have learned quite a bit about wild turkeys that I never knew before.  When the snow disappears, hopefully in a month or so, we will stop feeding them and let them seek  their own food.  That is when I suppose they will no longer be around for us to watch.  But I will certainly be on the lookout for them next winter, and I’ll be prepared with an adequate supply of food for all our woodland creatures.








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