Love Poem on Valentine’s Day

I wrote the following poem about  my daughter and future son-in-law before their wedding.  I think it still applies to them after seven years of marriage, maybe even more so than before, and it sends a message to all lovers about the true meaning of love, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Love Poem on Valentine’s Day

He holds you when your world trembles
or when your heart aches.
He knows when to be silent
as you rage against injustice
and when to offer words
of comfort and support.
He is your rock against the
stormy waves.

She smiles when you enter the room
and your heart sings in response.
She touches your arm
when your insecurity surfaces.
She knows how you feel
even when you can’t express it.

In spite of angry words,
tears, and hurtful actions,
love is the thread between you
linking your hearts forever.

You are no  longer separate
even in separateness.

© Barbara Flass 2001


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